Georg Druschetzky

Georg Druschetzky
7.04.1745 - 21.06.1819


Jiří Družecký (German: Georg Druschetzky, also known as Giorgio Druschetzky, also Druzechi, Druzecky; born in Jemníky near Pchery, April 7, 1745 – June 21, 1819) was a Bohemian composer, oboist, and timpanist.

He studied oboe with the noted oboist and composer Carlo Besozzi in Dresden. He then joined the band of an infantry regiment in Eger, with which he was later stationed (sequentially) in Vienna, Enns, Linz, and Branau. In 1777 he was certified as a drummer. In 1783 he moved to Vienna, where he became a member of the Tonkünstler-Sozietät. Three years later he was Kapellmeister for Anton Grassalkovič of Gyaraku and moved to Bratislava.

It is believed he started writing music in the 1770s, most of it for his band. He also wrote chamber music and music for orchestra, including 27 Symphonies and Concertos for various instruments. A couple of his operas survive, but one suite of incidental music and a ballet are lost. Druschetzky is credited with one of the earliest uses of the BACH motif. Druschetzky died in Buda.

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