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ClassicalM.com services Terms of Use

Before registering, you must first read and agree with the terms of our user agreement. If you disagree with any clause of this document, you should not use the site. Please note: you should not download audio files from ClassicalM.com if the Terms are in conflict with the laws of your country of residence. ClassicalM.com does not attempt to control the actions of its users, who bear sole responsibility for any illegal use.

Welcome to ClassicalM.com
The ClassicalM.com website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is a part of the ClassicalM system of services (hereinafter referred to as the "Services"). This document is an agreement ("Agreement") between you and the ClassicalM administration ("Administration") that states your rights and duties while using the Site and sets the framework for the use of services provided by the ClassicalM system. If you start registration on this site, you also confirm that:
• You have read and understood the present Agreement in full;
• You agree with all clauses of the present Agreement.

The Administration of ClassicalM.com and ClassicalM reserve the right to change, amend, and supplement this Agreement on an occasional basis. Administration shall undertake to notify you of all changes to the present Agreement. In the event that you disagree with any clause of the amended Agreement, you should terminate your registration on the Site immediately and refrain from using it.

Services provided by ClassicalM.com
ClassicalM.com, being a part of ClassicalM resources, is an archive of audio recordings with a convenient file search and download system. All registered users are charged for downloading audio materials in accordance with the tariffs and rules set by the Administration. All users must register in order to obtain full access to ClassicalM.com Services. Non-registered users have limited access to the Site materials: they can only browse the catalogue.

Registration on ClassicalM.com
Every user must register to acquire full access to ClassicalM.com Services. During registration, every user provides the Site Administration with certain personal data, such as: full name, country of residence, email address and the data necessary to make a payment to the site (see the “Using ClassicalM.com Services” clause below). After successful registration on the Site, each user receives a unique member name (login), and an entrance password as well as a personal account for using the site and interacting with the Administration.

During registration, you should submit only true and accurate personal data. The Site Administration undertakes not to abuse any data received during registration and not to disclose it. The user agrees not to pass his/her login and password to anyone else. The owner of a personal account bears all responsibility for damage caused as a result of passing the ClassicalM.com login and password to a third person.

Any user registered on the Site can terminate registration at any time and stop being a user of the Services. If the user terminates registration, it is impossible to withdraw any balance remaining on the personal account. No other payments will be returned and no losses will be reimbursed.

Using ClassicalM.com Service

Payments & Refunds
ClassicalM.com Services are to be used on condition that the rules are observed as set by the ClassicalM Administration and stated in the ClassicalM.com Services Terms of Use.

The Services provided by ClassicalM and ClassicalM.com are not free-of-charge. The users pay for Services before the Services are provided (prepayment) in accordance with the rules and tariffs set by the Administration. You are expected to pay for all Services in full. The Administration agrees not to introduce retrospective changes to the payment rules and not to make any additional charges not mentioned in the rules. At the same time, the Administration reserves the right to introduce changes to the Service payment rules and change tariffs on an occasional basis.

When you pay for a Service, the Administration reserves the right to request additional information regarding the details of the financial transaction necessary to verify the identity of the payer. This additional security measure is taken for the benefit of ClassicalM clients, despite its seeming inconvenience.

Refunds are available within 30 days of deposit in case no money was spent by submitting a Refund Request to support team.

Return goods policy
All of our products are provided for downloading in digital form after payment (after fee contribution). None of our products are transferring to clients via post office, courier or other companies. In case any of our products are damaged, incomplete or have a different quality from the one that is stated our clients have the right to notify us about it. After a notification we will proceed to immediate replacement of the defected product or if it won’t be possible we will increase the client’s account with the amount spent on the defected song.

Use of Hardware and Software
While browsing the Site, you may be using third-party software and/or hardware. You are personally responsible for the use of any software and hardware necessary to access ClassicalM resources. You are also responsible for any direct or indirect costs incurred as a result of using ClassicalM.com (e.g., payment for Internet access, purchase of software, etc.).

Some ClassicalM.com Services are provided with the use of software (e.g., audio encoding tools, etc.) and hardware produced by third parties. If you plan to use these ClassicalM.com Services, you should read all the rules concerning the use of software and hardware employed to provide these Services and agree to them. If you disagree with any clause in the rules regarding software/hardware use, you shall not have the right to use these Services.

All software used and provided on the Site is the property of the manufacturer (copyright holder) and is protected by local and international legislation on intellectual property and copyright protection.

The ClassicalM Administration shall not be liable for the quality of connection you use and is not responsible for financial or any other damage incurred due to the use of low-quality connections.

Use of Site Content
You should not use data received from the Site for any illegal purposes. The Site Administration shall not be held liable for the possible use of information received on the Site for any purposes prohibited by legislation or infringing copyright. The users are personally responsible for any unlawful or unauthorized use of any content on the Site.

If you download defective audio materials from the Site catalogue (e.g., audio recordings with odd noise or distinct clicks), you have the right to request the Administration to replace such low-quality material.

All compositions presented on ClassicalM.com have been created more than seventy five years ago and according to the law of Russian Federation these compositions considered as national heritage.

All trade marks, trade names, company names, slogans, logos, and any other copyright items which can be seen on the Site pages in various contexts are the property of their respective owners. You have no right to copy, distribute or otherwise use them without the prior written consent of the owners.

If the Site contains links to other sites, they are provided for your convenience only. You agree that the Administration is not to be held liable for their operability, content or possible damage resulting from using them.

You agree that use of the Services provided by ClassicalM are at your own risk and with your personal consent. All Services are provided "as is" without any guarantee obligations on the part of the Administration (apart from those mentioned above). The Administration does not provide you with any guarantee that you will profit or benefit from the use of the Services. You agree NOT to appeal to the Administration due to the quality of the Services provided, as well as due to any possible damage you experience as a result of using or accessing ClassicalM.