Luigi Gatti

Luigi Gatti
7.10.1740 - 1.03.1817


Luigi Gatti (Lazise, October 7, 1740 (11 October, the date generally recorded, was the day of his christening) – Salzburg March 1, 1817) was a classical composer. He was born in Lazise in 1740, the son of an organist, Francesco della Gatta. He was ordained a priest in Mantua. In the 1780s he became Hofkapellmeister in Salzburg and Leopold Mozart showed his irritation at not receiving it himself. Between 1801 and 1804 Gatti helped (and then hindered) Mozart's sister, Nannerl to locate unknown pieces by Mozart. He died in Salzburg in 1817.

He is famous for writing oratorios, cantatas, sextets and septets.

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