Franz Krommer

Franz Krommer
27.11.1759 - 08


František Krommer (Czech: František Vincenc Kramář; November 27, 1759 in Kamenice u Jihlavy – January 8, 1831 in Vienna) was a Czech composer of classical music, whose 71-year life span began half a year after the death of George Frideric Handel and ended nearly four years after that of Ludwig van Beethoven.
The main events of his life were somewhat as follows:

From 1773 to 1776, he studied violin and organ with his uncle, Antonín Mattias Kramár, in Turán. Here he became organist along with his uncle in 1777. In 1785 he returned to Vienna as violinist in the orchestra of the duke of Styria, now in Simontornya in Hungary.
In 1790, Krommer was named Maestro di Cappella at the Cathedral of Pécs in Hungary. He returned again to Vienna in 1795, becoming Maestro di Cappella for Duke Ignaz Fuchs in 1798.
From 1813 (and from 1818, Kapellmeister, according to the HOASM biography) until his death in 1831, Krommer succeeded Leopold Kozeluch as composer for the Imperial Court of Austria.

He may have been Kapellmeister as early as 1814.[1] (This article also shows or at least suggests that Beethoven's opinion towards such music of Krommer as he heard was poor.)

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