Pierre-Octave Ferroud

Pierre-Octave Ferroud
6.01.1900 - 17.08.1936
Period:XX age


Pierre-Octave Ferroud (6 January 1900 – 17 August 1936)[1] was a French composer of classical music.

He was born in Chasselay, Rhône, near Lyon. He went to Lyon, to Strasbourg (for military service from 1920-2) where he studied with Guy Ropartz,[2] and again to Lyon where he was for a time an associate and "disciple" of Florent Schmitt, and a pupil of Georges Martin Witkowski.[3] He then travelled to Paris in 1923, where he later founded with Henry Barraud, Jean Rivier and Emmanuel Bondeville the chamber ensemble Triton in 1932.[2]

In a letter to Boris Asafiev, Sergei Prokofiev described his encounter with Ferroud, praised the Symphony in A and suggested that Asafiev might have a look at it. Ferroud's opera, he reported, impressed him much less.[4]

He wrote a biographical work about his mentor Florent Schmitt (who he was, nevertheless, to pre-decease - Schmitt died 31 years after Autour de Florent Schmitt was published, in 1958.)

Ferroud was a regular contributor of musical reviews and essays to the journal Paris-Soir.

He died in 1936, when he was decapitated in a road accident in Debrecen, in Hungary.[2] On hearing of Ferroud's death, Francis Poulenc wrote to Georges Auric of his distress.

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