Rigoletto (Serafin)

Rigoletto (Serafin)
Composer:Giuseppe Verdi
Conductor:Tullio Serafin


Rigoletto is an opera in three acts by Giuseppe Verdi. The Italian libretto was written by Francesco Maria Piave based on the play Le roi s'amuse by Victor Hugo. It was first performed at La Fenice in Venice on March 11, 1851. It is considered by many to be the first of the operatic masterpieces of Verdi's middle-to-late career.

Act 1

Scene 1: A room in the palace

At a ball in his palace, the Duke sings of a life of pleasure with as many women as possible (Questa o quella - "This woman or that"). He has seen an unknown beauty in church and desires to possess her, but he also wishes to seduce the Countess of Ceprano. Rigoletto, the Duke's hunchbacked court jester, mocks the husbands of the ladies to whom the Duke is paying attention, and advises the Duke to get rid of them by prison or death. Marullo informs the noblemen that Rigoletto has a "lover", and the noblemen cannot believe it. The noblemen resolve to take vengeance on Rigoletto. Subsequently Rigoletto mocks Count Monterone, whose daughter the Duke had dishonored. Count Monterone is arrested at the Duke's order and curses the Duke and Rigoletto. The curse genuinely terrifies Rigoletto.

Scene 2: A street, with the courtyard of Rigoletto's house

Thinking of the curse, the jester approaches his house and is accosted by the assassin Sparafucile, who offers his services. Rigoletto contemplates the similarities between the two of them (Pari siamo! - "We are alike!"); Sparafucile kills men with his sword, and Rigoletto uses "a tongue of malice" to stab his victims. The hunchback opens a door in the wall and returns home to his daughter Gilda. They greet each other warmly (Figlia!" "Mio padre! - "Daughter!" "My father!"). Rigoletto has been concealing his daughter from the prince and the rest of the city, and she does not know her father's occupation. Since he has forbidden her to appear in public, she has been nowhere except to church.

When Rigoletto has gone, the Duke appears and overhears Gilda confess to her nurse Giovanna that she feels guilty for not having told her father about a student she had met at the church, but that she would love him even more if he were poor. Just as she declares her love, the Duke enters, overjoyed, convincing Gilda of his love, though she resists at first. When she asks for his name, he hesitantly calls himself Gualtier Maldé. Hearing sounds and fearing that her father has returned, Gilda sends the Duke away after they quickly repeat their vows of love to each other. Alone Gilda meditates on her love for the student (Gualtier Maldè! ... Caro nome - "Dearest name").

Later, the hostile noblemen outside the walled garden (believing Gilda to be the jester's mistress) get ready to abduct the helpless girl. Convincing Rigoletto that they are actually abducting the Countess Ceprano, they blindfold him and use him to help with the abduction. He assists them, and Gilda is carried away by the noblemen. Upon realizing that it was in fact Gilda who was carried away, Rigoletto collapses, remembering the curse.

Act 2

The Duke's Palace

The Duke is concerned that Gilda has disappeared (Ella mi fu rapita! - "She was stolen from me!" and Parmi veder le lagrime - "I seem to see tears"). The noblemen then enter and inform him that they have captured Rigoletto's mistress. By their description, he recognizes it to be Gilda, and he rushes off to the room where she is held (Possente amor mi chiama - "Mighty love beckons me"). Pleased by the Duke's strange excitement, the courtiers now make sport with Rigoletto, who enters singing. He tries to find Gilda by pretending to be uncaring, as he fears she may fall into the hands of the Duke. Finally, he admits that he is in fact seeking his daughter and asks the courtiers to return her to him (Cortigiani, vil razza dannata - "Accursed race of courtiers"). The men beat up Rigoletto after his attempt to run into the room Gilda is being held in. Gilda rushes in and begs her father to send the people away. The men leave the room believing Rigoletto has gone mad. Gilda describes to her father what has happened to her in the palace (Tutte le feste al tempio - "On all the blessed days"). Rigoletto demands vengeance against the Duke, while Gilda pleads for him (Duet: Sì! Vendetta, tremenda vendetta! - "Yes! Revenge, terrible revenge!").

Act 3

A street outside Sparafucile's house

A portion of Sparafucile's house is seen, with two rooms open to the view of the audience. Rigoletto and Gilda, who still loves the Duke, arrive outside. The Duke's voice can be heard (La donna è mobile- "Woman is fickle") laying out the infidelity and fickle nature of women (an irony, since it is he who is inconstant). Rigoletto makes Gilda realize that it is the Duke who is in the assassin's house and that he is attempting to seduce Sparafucile's sister, Maddalena.(Bella figlia dell'amore - "Sweet daughter of love")

Rigoletto bargains with the assassin, who is ready to murder his guest for money, and offers him 20 scudi for killing the Duke. He orders his daughter to put on a man's clothes in order to prepare to go to Verona and states that he plans to follow later. With falling darkness, a thunderstorm approaches and the Duke determines to remain in the house. Sparafucile assigns to him the ground floor sleeping quarters.

Gilda, who still loves the Duke despite knowing him to be unfaithful, returns dressed as a man. She overhears Maddalena begging for the Duke's life, and Sparafucile promises her that if by midnight another can be found in place of the Duke, he will spare the Duke's life. Gilda resolves to sacrifice herself for the Duke and enters the house. She is immediately mortally wounded and collapses.

At midnight, when Rigoletto arrives with money, he receives a corpse wrapped in a sack, and rejoices in his triumph. Weighting it with stones, he is about to cast the sack into the river when he hears the voice of the Duke singing a reprise of his "La donna è mobile" aria. Bewildered, Rigoletto opens the sack and, to his despair, discovers his mortally wounded daughter. For a moment, she revives and declares she is glad to die for her beloved (V'ho ingannato - "Father, I deceived you"). She dies in his arms. Rigoletto's wildest fear materializes when he cries out in horror: "The curse!"  

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2 03 Act I Scene I Questa o quella 1:53 1.72 Mb 128 Kbps buy
3 04 Act I Scene I Partite crudele! 1:36 1.46 Mb 128 Kbps buy
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5 06 Act I Scene I Gran nuova! Gran nuova! 2:28 2.26 Mb 128 Kbps buy
6 07 Act I Scene I Ch'io gli parli 3:14 2.96 Mb 128 Kbps buy
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13 14 Act I Scene II E il sol dell'anima 4:18 3.94 Mb 128 Kbps buy
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16 17 Act I Scene II Riedo!...perche...Silenzio! 2:09 1.96 Mb 128 Kbps buy
17 18 Act I Scene II Zitti, zitti, moviamo a vendetta 1:27 1.33 Mb 128 Kbps buy
18 19 Act I Scene II Soccorso, padre mio! 1:22 1.25 Mb 128 Kbps buy


1 20 Act 2 - Ella Mi Fu Rapita! 2:42 2.48 Mb 128 Kbps buy
2 21 Act 2 - Parmi Veder Le Lagrime 2:44 2.50 Mb 128 Kbps buy
3 22 Act 2 - Duca, Duca!... Ebben 2:26 2.23 Mb 128 Kbps buy
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6 25 Act 2 - Mio Padre!... Dio! Mia Gilda! 1:51 1.69 Mb 128 Kbps buy
7 26 Act 2 - Tutte Le Feste Al Tempio 7:00 6.42 Mb 128 Kbps buy
8 27 Act 2 - Compiuto Pur Quanto 1:09 1.06 Mb 128 Kbps buy
9 28 Act 2 - Si, Vendetta, Tremenda Vendetta 2:22 2.17 Mb 128 Kbps buy


1 29 Act 3 - E L'Ami 2:03 1.87 Mb 128 Kbps buy
2 30 Act 3 - La Donna Г€ Mobile 3:13 2.95 Mb 128 Kbps buy
3 31 Act 3 - Un Dì, Se Ben Rammentomi 1:35 1.46 Mb 128 Kbps buy
4 32 Act 3 - Bella Figlia Dell'Amore 4:58 4.55 Mb 128 Kbps buy
5 33 Act 3 - Venti Scudi Hai Tu Detto 4:02 3.69 Mb 128 Kbps buy
6 34 Act 3 - Г€ Amabile Invero 6:00 5.49 Mb 128 Kbps buy
7 35 Act 3 - Della Vendetta Alfin Giunge L'Istante! 4:52 4.46 Mb 128 Kbps buy
8 36 Act 3 - Chi Mai, Chi È Qui In Sua Vece 6:36 6.05 Mb 128 Kbps buy

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