Composer:Cherubini, Luigi
Conductor:Lamberto Gardelli


Médée (French), or Medea (Italian, German, English), is an opéra-comique by Luigi Cherubini. The libretto by François-Benoît Hoffmann (Nicolas Étienne Framéry) was based on Euripides' tragedy of the same name and Pierre Corneille's play Médée.

The first version of the opera was in French and premiered on 13 March 1797 in Paris at the Théâtre Feydeau. At this world première, Médée met with a lukewarm reception and was not revived.

Place: Corinth
Time: Antiquity

Act 1

Outside the palace of King Créon

Dircé is preparing for her wedding to Jason. However, with Médée's help, he had stolen the golden fleece and, in doing so, Médée had betrayed her family and established a relationship with him, the result of which was her two children. Although Jason had since abandoned Médée, she reappears and demands that he return to her. Jason refuses and Médée curses him, swearing vengeance.

Act 2

Inside the palace

Despairing, Médée is encouraged to leave the city by her slave, Néris. However, Créon appears and orders that Médée leave. She asks for one more day with her children and, after the king agrees, she appears to be calmer and gives Néris two wedding presents to take to her rival.

Act 3

Between the palace and the temple

Néris brings the two children out to where Médée is waiting. Sounds of lamentation are heard from within the palace and it is discovered that one of Médée's wedding presents has poisoned Dircé. An angry crowd gathers and Néris, Médée, and the children take refuge in the temple. The two women reappear with Médée grasping a blood-stained knife with which she has killed her two children. The temple, to which Médée returns, goes up in flames.

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1 Sinfonia 7:36 6.39 Mb 117 Kbps buy
2 Che? Quando gia corona amor (Prima ancella) 6:12 4.85 Mb 109 Kbps buy
3 O amore, vieni a me (Glauce) 5:14 4.12 Mb 109 Kbps buy
4 No, non temer! T'affidi il mio parlar (Creonte) 2:06 1.73 Mb 115 Kbps buy
5 O bella Glauce (Coro) 4:19 3.68 Mb 119 Kbps buy
6 Or che piu non vedro quella sposa crudele (Giasone) 2:55 2.41 Mb 115 Kbps buy
7 Pronube dive, dei custodi (Creonte) 5:54 4.88 Mb 115 Kbps buy
8 Signor! Ferma una donna a vostre soglie sta (Capo delle guardie) 4:22 3.56 Mb 114 Kbps buy
9 Qui tremar devi tu, donna rea (Creonte) 3:25 2.86 Mb 116 Kbps buy
10 Taci Giason, e affisi immoto il suolo? (Medea) 2:19 1.69 Mb 102 Kbps buy
11 Dei tuoi figli la madre (Medea) 4:53 3.73 Mb 106 Kbps buy
12 Son vane qui minacce, prieghi, duol!... Nemici senza cor (Giasone, Medea) 5:40 4.37 Mb 107 Kbps buy
13 Introduzione... Soffrir non posso, troppo e l'offesa! (Medea) 4:51 3.99 Mb 115 Kbps buy
14 Date almen per pieta un asilo a Medea (Medea) 11:04 8.81 Mb 111 Kbps buy
15 Medea! O Medea!... Solo un pianto (Neris) 6:35 4.71 Mb 99 Kbps buy
16 Creonte a me solo un giorno da? (Medea) 2:29 1.96 Mb 110 Kbps buy
17 Figli miei, miei tesor (Medea) 6:11 5.00 Mb 113 Kbps buy
18 Hai dato pronto ascolto al mio pregar (Medea) 1:29 1.15 Mb 108 Kbps buy
19 Ah! Triste canto! In suon festoso il corteo in tempio va! (Medea) 6:38 4.06 Mb 85 Kbps buy
20 Deh posa al crin del sacro mirto il fior (Coro) 3:43 2.44 Mb 91 Kbps buy
21 Introduzione 7:13 5.61 Mb 108 Kbps buy
22 Numi, venite a me, inferni dei! (Medea) 5:37 4.24 Mb 105 Kbps buy
23 Del fiero duol che il cor mi frange (Medea) 5:15 3.90 Mb 103 Kbps buy
24 D'amore il raggio ancora in lei s'e spento (Neris) 2:28 1.83 Mb 103 Kbps buy
25 E che? io son Medea! (Medea) 7:23 5.54 Mb 104 Kbps buy
26 Tu Glauce piange sol, spietato! (Medea) 5:55 4.88 Mb 115 Kbps buy

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